Welcome to Guns.com

The Guns.com staff would like to extend our hands and welcome you to the Guns.com community. Envisioned as a one stop shop for up-to-the minute firearm news, product reviews, how-to articles, editorials and gun culture, the staff here at Guns.com are currently firing on all cylinders to provide the gun world with a new, comprehensive community-oriented website that caters unwaveringly to firearm enthusiasts across the country.


A year ago it dawned on a member of our staff that something was missing in the gun world. A lifelong hunter, shooter and self proclaimed gun nut, he found that he spent more time than he cared to think about thumbing through magazines and searching the internet for new information about his #1 hobby.  When he browsed the web he noticed that there was clearly a wealth of knowledge to be found, but it was often poorly organized, contrary or just plain too-all-over the place to be useful to him. What he saw were mostly product reviews, unmanaged or underutilized forums and blogs.

There were things he liked though. He liked it when the information was current and he liked it when collections of articles were as encyclopedic as possible. But what he particularly liked and what he usually found to be the most help to him as a gun owner were the forums where he got to communicate directly with other shooters. It was through these forums that he got to glimpse just how knowledgeable and diverse the gun community really is.

Accordingly, Guns.com is a site designed around the belief that unadulterated and accurate content combined with insightful commentary and an emphasis on reader participation will best serve the gun community and ultimately paint a more accurate portrait of the modern gun owner.

During our beta phase, we will only be posting the most current gun related news articles but please don’t forget to sign up for alerts because our community functions like reviews, forums and user profiles are only days away. In the weeks and months to come, expect a shotgun blast of material tailored specifically with you, the gun owner, in mind.