Portland Government entertains Gun Ban

The Portland Public Safety Committee held a public hearing September 14th to discuss a proposal to ban guns from public places throughout the Pine Tree State.  The Public Safety Committee plans to hold another public hearing on October 12. A date for a final vote has not been released.

Committee chair Dan Skolnik is the architect of this plan which is making waves in Portland.  Opponents of the plan assert that it clearly violates the 2nd Amendment, with one concerned resident stating at the hearing, “Council members, your job is to follow the will of your constituents—the people of this city… Maine is a free state. Our constitution guarantees our right to firearms, not only to keep them, but to bear them, and that right cannot be questioned.”

Ultimately, Skolnik wants to draft a resolution from the city of Portland asking the state legislature to ban guns in certain public places including venues like Fitzpatrick Stadium, the Expo and City Hall.  Exceptions for certain groups with concealed weapons permits—namely law enforcement—are of an aspect of the plan and Portland Police Chief James Craig has stated that he supports the legislation.