Thunder Down Under ends as American Shooters sweep NRA World Action Pistol Opens

Second place winner Carl Bernosky

Echoing their 2008 showing in New Zealand, American shooters took all three of the podium spots in the open division of the 7th NRA World Action Pistol Championships, once again reaffirming red, white and blue dominance in the world of international competitive shooting.  The coveted top finish went to Team Hornady’s repeat champion and self-proclaimed “best all around shooter in the world” Doug Koenig, earning him another medal to “throw on the pile” right next to his gold from this past June’s NRA Bianchi cup performance.  Koenig’s aggregate score of 1920-188x represents a new world record.  Second place went to Hornady teammate Carl Bernosky who seems to be still riding high off his record-breaking performance at Camp Perry, finishing the match with a score of 1920-181x.  New Jersey law officer and decorated competitive shooter Bruce Piatt secured third place for Team America with an aggregate score of 1920-177x.  All three shooters shot perfect scores.


First place winner, Doug Koenig.

Held every 2-3 years, the NRA World Action Pistol took place at Blacktown Pistol Club in Sydney, Australia. The competition is a three-day match divided into four NRA recognized courses of fire: practical, barricade, moving target and falling plates. Practical consists of four stages, each with three strings and 12 shots per stage (48 shots total) fired from 10, 15, 25 and 50 yards and Barricade is similar in format only with all shots fired from behind a barricade simulating a police situation. The matches’ Moving Target event is a four-stage course with 12 shots each stage that has competitors zeroing in on targets traveling 60 feet in six seconds between two barricades. The oldest competitive format, Falling Plate is four stages, two strings, six shots per stage, designed specifically to test contestants’ speed. The targets are 8-inch round medal plates, fired at from 10, 15 and 25 yards. Guns.

Third place winner, Bruce Piatt.

Besides the accolades paid to all three shooters, the top two wins represent a resounding endorsement for Hornady ammunition.  Both competitors loaded 115 grain XTP® and both lauded the bullets for their accuracy and dependability in interviews after the match.

Hornady spokesman Steve Johnson said of Koenig and Bernosky’s accomplishments, “We are very pleased with Doug and Carl’s performances and with the way our bullets performed.  We do everything we can to build the best bullets in the world; seeing them in the “winner’s circle” again means that we’re getting it done.”

For more information, Shooting Sports USA covered the event in Australia.