Pyramid Air’s Airsoft Revolvers A Safe Choice

Looking back, the simple, dependable six shot revolver stands out as one of the most indispensible tools in the formation of what we call the United States of America today.  Although largely supplanted by magazine fed semi-automatic pistols in both military and law enforcement, gun owners still feel something for the classic look of the revolver.

In homage to the revolver, web-based air gun company Pyramyd Air offers faithful airsoft replications of some of the most identifiable revolvers in American history.   These guns are safe for target practice inside the city limits, i.e. your backyard or basement, and can even play a supporting role in your next airsoft skirmish or MilSim (these guns’ barrels are colored orange or feature an orange cap to comply with federal regulations). Airsoft guns.

Pyramyd Air’s line of airsoft revolvers is extensive.  Each gun fires any number of a variety of cylindrical plastic BB pellets, customized for performance and delivered on target with scary accuracy. These guns are literally modeled after their real firearm counterparts, featuring such hallmarks as ergonomic contoured body designs, realistic looking faux-six-shot cylinders with shells and formidable shot velocities.

Pyramid Air markets spring and gas powered models, both of which allow for an authentic and safe shooting experience.  All products purchased from Pyramyd Air are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.  Because of the size of their handgun inventory, Pyramid Air ships most orders within the same day. To get to shopping, click here.