Sig Sauer Unveils a New Pistol in Their Concealed Carry Line

Swiss/New Hampshire based firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer is adding the SIG SAUER P290 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol to their series of small arms—arms that have been adopted around the globe for military, law enforcement, government agency and commercial use.  Possibly a response to this years unveiling and subsequent consumer embrace of the Ruger SR9c, Sig Sauer’s new compressed pistol seems destined to find a home among the concealed carry crowd. Black powder.

Befitting this new breed of under-the-shirt weapons, the P290 Sub-Compact retains all the power of a double action full-sized 9mm only packaged in a discrete and lightweight polymer pistol design.  Distinctive to the P290 are customizable grip plates (aluminum, wood, polymer) that Sig Sauer will engrave for you if you so desire.

The slide still has Sig’s trademark serrations for quick cycling and, per usual, comes in a natural stainless finish or a black Nitron finish (so, black or metal).  The gun is pretty sleek too, promising to be fairly snag-resistant—an all too common complaint from carriers.  Take a look for yourself.