New Spike TV Reality Show makes Tactical Crowd Big Promises

Spike TV (that channel that’s sort of like Lifetime only geared towards dudes) is currently developing a new series called Most Lethal as a brother-in-arms to their already popular science-meets-history series Deadliest Warrior, now entering its third season. Adhering to the familiar hybrid reality show/game show format, this new series promises to dive head first into the clandestine world of special operations.

Most Lethal will put 12 authentic, top tier special operation personalities and mercenaries in hellish head-to-head competitions that will ultimately determine who is the most iron-blooded warrior in the pack and earn that soldier the titular “Most Lethal” crown.

Pairing the latest in military and tactical technologies with sophisticated measuring equipment, Most Lethal promises to analyze the weaponry, training operations, and modern combat tactics in a manner previously unseen by tactical gurus and military devotees.  The show hopes to be an authentic reckoning of a covert world so often glamorized in fiction though not often explored seriously in the civilian arena.

Sharon Levy from Spike TV’s said of Most Lethal, “We are bringing together twelve of the best-trained combatants in the world for the most intense reality series on television… The show will arm the viewer with information on training techniques and history of the special ops that viewers can’t find anywhere else.”

Appropriately, the season one cast has been kept confidential but plan on seeing non-active elite members of elite US special forces from the Navy Seals to the Green Berets alongside veteran mercenaries.

Because of the nature of the subject, Most Lethal will force its competitors to withstand grueling physical assessments mixed with “virtuoso approaching” skill demonstrations that producers claim will supersede anything seen before in a non-scripted competition program.  Simulating real world combat scenarios, each course will test the untold variables of modern warfare:  urban combat, evasive maneuvers, reconnaissance, seek-and-destroy, threat evaluation, on the spot decision making and threat elimination just to provide a short list.

“It’s not enough for them to be fit and strong and great with weapons,” “We’re going to test every combat skill and tactical response in the book. Then, we’re going to throw away the book and find out what they learned on the battlefield,” said Gary R. Benz, CEO of the GRB Entertainment—the outfit responsible for filming.

Additionally, Most Lethal will give viewers an inside look at numerous military facilities across the U.S., all supervised by a handpicked team of top tier combat operators. Each location spotlights a specific field of combat with each terrain providing an increasingly complex set of battlefield-applicable combat challenges.

The 10-episode series will premiere on Spike in the summer 2011. Casting will begin in the coming weeks. A host will be announced at a later date.