A Message from Guns.com to Our Veterans

With this knowingly meager gesture, Guns.com would like to take the time to mark the debt of honor we owe to all those who have worn the uniform of the United States. Today, as we should everyday, we remember those who gave their lives beneath our flag, in service of our freedom and in defense of our future and applaud all of you who are currently in active service.  To all of our soldiers who served and are serving in any and all theaters of combat, we at Guns.com would like to thank you.

When remembering our veterans, selflessness is the word that comes first to mind.  Though often seen in the company of loyalty and duty, selflessness informs a soldier who commits his life without the need for a cause or for a principle but simply out of concern for the welfare of others.  Truly the finer aspects of the human condition—courage, honor, discipline, compassion—must all stem from a soldier’s commitment to this altruism and just as we cannot slander human nature, we here at Guns.com know that we cannot express the gravity of our debt to you, as both are more than words can paint. Thank you. 

To all civilians, whenever the opportunity arises be sure to recognize our veterans’ struggles regardless of whether you understand them and appreciate the opportunities their service has afforded us.  If you would like to know more about how you can serve veterans and the families of those men and women deployed overseas, please visit this link.