Supports Shooter Literacy

We came across this information on Accurate Shooter and frankly we just plain liked the idea and thought it deserved a little cross promotion.  Since my earliest days of shooting, I’ve always been struck by how hunters and shooters are, habitually, not just voracious readers but also incredibly dedicated and patient readers.  In a world of sound-bytes and ready-made media, it’s something you don’t see often (though possibly more when concerning hobbies) and in my narrow opinion shooters represent one of the waning demographics that still carry on the tradition of print.  And as a kind of a journalist I hope to support this.

Accurate Shooter has a compiled a list of older shooting books that can be downloaded for free from Google Books. This list is composed mostly of tried and true classics (many of which, if you’re as voracious as a reader as I assume you are, you should already be familiar with) containing a battery of evergreen content that is pretty much guaranteed to never lose its value.  Also in the mix are a few illustrated firearm histories, such as Townsend Whelen’s book, The American Rifle.

Here is a list of full descriptions of these books and links to download.

These are all ebooks so you can read the entire book off your screen, you can download it to your computer as a PDF file and print it off (make sure to save it) or if you have one of those digital book readers like an iPad you can download it to your device.