Show Us Your Buck Contest by Sportsman Channel

As the nation settles into the days of turkey sandwiches, football and above all in this website’s limited scope, deer hunting, Sportsman Channel wants to get a glimpse your bucks and is paying cash!  Big, small, whitetail, muley, dead, alive, bow, gun, yesterday, 25 years ago—anything goes.  As long as it’s a picture of a deer, it’s all the same to the folks at Sportsman Channel.  The only caveat is you have to be in the photo too.

To enter, simply upload your favorite shots of you and a deer to Sportsman Channel’s Facebook page (two caveats—guess you have to have a Facebook page too).  Each week until 2011, the elite staff at Sportsman Channel will present their favorite picture of the week with a $25 Cabela’s gift card.  And that ain’t it.  If you win, your photo will replace Sportsman Channel’s Facebook profile picture for your entire victory week.  This page has thousands of devoted followers and all of them will get to see your trophy and your mug. 

Sportsman Channel has been accepting photos since yesterday so don’t be shy and upload today. When uploading, include the words “Show us Your Buck” in the title.   Submit as many as you like and don’t worry if your photo isn’t chosen the first week—they might of just not gotten to you yet and you can still win in weeks ahead.

If you have any questions post them on Sportsman’s Facebook wall or send an email to