Celebrate National Ammo Day and Send a Few Down Range this Friday

Unofficially celebrated since 2002, this Friday, November 19 marks National Ammo Day, a pro-gun grassroots movement that annually masquerades as a holiday.  You may ask, “How do I celebrate National Ammo Day?  Well the responses you’d get would all be variations on the same tune.  Some sources encourage you to send at least 1000 rounds downrange.  Others tell you to purchase at least 100 rounds of ammunition or reload the equivalent.  Still others tell you to participate in a BUYcott, which means you should play a part in emptying the shelves of your local ammunition purveyor.  See what we mean, variations on the same tune.

The key to celebrating national ammo day is to buy ammo and with gun owners already the outlier of an epidemically cautious consumer-spending base, we have the feeling that for most gun owners the reminder to get a little shooting in is all the motivation they need to at the very least pick up a box or two at Cabela’s and hit the range.

Fundamentally National Ammo Day is just a classic, grassroots, strength in numbers demonstration and the political machinery behind it goes something like this. The number of gun owners in the US is approaching the 80 million mark.  If each gun owner buys say 100 rounds of ammunition (let’s be conservative here), than 8 billion rounds will be safely in the hands of those law-abiding citizens they were intended for in the first place rather than crooks and criminals.

Moreover—and of deeper economic and political consequence—it’s a chance to vote with your wallet.  The gun lobby has always accrued valuable currency from the tax dollars generated through ammunition sales and this money is a strong deterrent against restrictive legislation.  Also you’ll be carrying on what has been a positive trend of healthy economic spending among gun owners and of course be supporting some dedicated US businesses and manufacturers.

So if the spirit of National Ammo Day moves you, make plans this Friday at your local shooting range to celebrate.