Florida Dealership sweetens Truck Sales with Free AK-47s

From a marketing standpoint Nick Ginetta of Nations Trucks is a virtuoso.  A twofer pitch for a truck and a gun in central Florida?  Can we keep our artistic integrity and still call it “bulletproof”?  In a non-to-subtle ploy to solicit business, Nations Trucks will attach a voucher for a free AK-47 onto any newly purchased pink slip.  With gun sales seemingly on the eternal rise, Mr. Ginetta has found a cozy bedfellow.

And so far it seems that fortune favors the bold. Nick Ginetta reports that since this promotion’s Veterans Day announcement sales have “more than doubled” at the Sanford, Florida truck dealership. Already, the dealership has received complaints about the deal, which Ginetta acknowledges is controversial. He adds though, with a hint of sage salesmanship, “My buyer is absolutely a gun owner, no question.”

Rest assured Nations Trucks isn’t handing out AKs like a cold war era Russian diplomat.  Upon purchase of a truck, customers receive a $400 gun shop voucher (which, in reality, you can use towards any item at one of the participating FFL gun shops, not just an AK-47).  Just like the rest of America, you’ll have to pass a background check before cashing in the voucher.  And for you guys who can’t pass a background check or perhaps have a significant other who has been making scary noises about bringing another gun in the house, there’s always the option of having Ginetta just cut you a check.  It’s a rebate—plain and simple.

When asked why he chose the AK-47, Ginetta told reporters, “I chose the AK-47, because I knew it would create a stir,” said Ginetta “I knew the anti-gun crowd would be appalled.”