New Goex Gun Powder Coming for Spring Reenactments

Goex Powder Inc. has been the only American manufacturer of authentic black powder for the past 200 years.  For this spring, they’ve concocted a new batch of powder with 100% percent black powder ignition, specifically aimed at meeting the needs at the “modern” historical reenactor and so aptly named Goex Reenactor Gunpowder.

Nothing fancy in terms of operations as Goex’s new Reenactor Gunpowder loads the same volume charge as any regular grade black powder. The stuff performs at nice low pressures so its perfectly suited for blank fire in muskets, pistols, carbines and of course cannons.  It’s also totally appropriate for round ball muzzleloader shooters looking to assuage wear on their vintage and modern reproduction firearms and are on a budget.  Definitely not a sporting powder though.

Above all, though Goex promises reliablilty with every shot especially for those souls dedicated enough to relive history so that we may never for get it.  One pound tins will be available at all Goex dealers this spring. 

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