Sinclair Deburring Tool Makes Critical Step Simpler

It’s an easy step, a critical step and it only ever needs to be done once so above all it necessitates the right tool.  All it takes is the tiniest burr on the flash hole of your handloading cases and suddenly you’ve got all sorts of problems: goofy powder ignition, wacky velocities and unmannerly shot targets.  Well, Sinclair’s new Piloted Flash Hole Deburring Tool looks like a pretty sound remedy.

Hitching precisely into the cartridge case mouth the steel pilot tool allows you to guide the tool shaft and control the depth of cut.  It removes any burrs from the flash hole’s mouth and smooths everything out into a nice “chamfered” edge.  What you get is a throne fit for a primer sitting at dead center of the powder column—the recipe for uniform ignition.

According to company President, Bill Gravatt,

“Deburring is one of the most important case-prep steps for accuracy. We designed our Deburring Tool for a precise, fast, and easy deburring operation to help you obtain the greatest accuracy from your firearm.”
This simple reloading step needs to be performed only once during the life of a case.

Buy additional stainless steel neck pilots and the Sinclair Piloted Flash Hole Deburring Tool can become universal, working on all pistol and rifle casings regardless of caliber.

For more information, call 800-717-8211 or view more product details here.