ArmaLite unveils Series of New ARs hitting Shelves throughout December

Owing to successful test firings back in November, ArmaLite, Inc. has announced the release of a new AR series rifle—the AR-10 A2.  It’s no secret that in recent years Americans have thoroughly embraced the AR platform.  In part this has to be because the guns of this genre are usually so refreshingly consistent. Another factor driving the AR craze has been the platform’s adaptability as the design has proven itself to be a nice, simple universal melody that can be varied to suit just about any taste.  As the AR family gets bigger and with hunters now warming up to the idea of an AR as viable option for varmints, predators and other game, the choices designers are making in their ARs are becoming more deliberate and more encompassing of the full range of the weapon.  ArmaLite’s AR-10 A2 is no exception.

Bearing a near perfect resemblance to ArmaLite’s AR-10 Service Rifle (one of the guns that helped usher in the Age of ARs) the new 7.62mm ArmaLite AR-10A2 is the encyclopedia picture for “tactical rifle” with its no frills, good in all seasons polymer body, flat finish and optional forward assist.  Additionally, the engineers did a good job of widening its scope when you consider it fires a sporting .308-esc caliber and manages recoil like…well, an AR.   A carbine model is also being made available and it comes in either black or forest green.

ArmaLite claims to have more ARs coming, so be on the watch for new releases throughout December.