If Willy Wonka Was a Bullet-maker…

…these are surely the type of bullets he’d make (because they look like jellybeans).  ARES Puškárska Dielňa, a Slovakian bullet-maker, is hocking a new variety of bullets: cast lead projectiles glazed with a candy colored coating.  The States have yet to host a distributor of ARES’ aptly name “Colored Bullets” or CBs , but they’re all the rage across the pond and you can find them throughout Europe via a network of ARES Distributors.  We’re sure one of them will ship to North America.

In addition to being campy, the colored coating keeps the lead from contacting the rifling in the barrel, reducing friction to a point that no bullet lube is required to keep your groups tight and your barrel healthy (look at the before and after shot with very little lead exposed after).  The little suckers come ready reload right out of the box.  ARES manufactures a full line of colored pistol and rifle bullets from .25 caliber up to .58 caliber and offers a number of colored shotgun slugs.

If you read German you can get a full briefing on the Wieder-Lader.de website.  If you don’t, the site cautions reloaders’ to load with about 5 percent less powder if you are used to loading copper plated/FMJ bullets.  This is because they are innately faster bullets than copper and accordingly, you should adjust your quantities by your own speed calculations.

What we like about them?  With a color-coded system in place, there’s a chance you can stave off any pissing and moaning about whose gun fired the coup de grace on your next hunting trip.  Also, bullets that look like gumballs do a good job of stressing the importance of keeping your shooting accoutrement away from the curious hands of children.  What we’re cautious about?  How a rainbow-colored clip will play out at deer camp.