Midway selling Competition Class Giessele Triggers at Holiday Prices

Geissele Automatics, a machine shop in Pennsylvania, makes highly regarded triggers for high-powered rifles (many in the ever popular AR vein) and their newest line will be traded exclusively through MidwayUSA.  Geissele’s calling their new line Super-Dynamic triggers and associated products come in one of three flavors: Combat, Enhanced, and 3-Gun. The entire line comes adorned with tool steel hammers, which Giessele professes to cut lock time in half when compared to standard AR-hammers and Wire-EDM-cut sear surfaces for precision and an extended performance life.  Likewise, each makes use of a straight vertical trigger bow, an ingredient added at the suggestion of a number of competitive shooters.

Pull and reset are where each trigger type in this series stands alone however.  For example, the 3-Gun model has a significantly shorter reset designed for quicker shot strings during competitions and expedited target acquisition.  It also features a moderately heavy 3.5 lb trigger pull (that Giessele markets as a hybrid, though we admittedly do not know what this means).  It seems that unless your sun rises and sets on “run n’ gun”, the average shooter will probably lean towards the “Enhanced trigger” model.   Pull is a 2.2-lb first stage and a 1.2-lb second stage that promises to be as crisp as a New England autumn.

Prices run from $209.99 to $234.99 on a normal day, but throughout the month of December, the entire series will be significantly marked down.  The Combat trigger is $188.99, the Enhanced trigger is $199.99 and the 3-Gun trigger is $209.99.  These prices are being offered exclusively from MidwayUSA, though other Giesselle products can be bought from their network of distributors or pre-ordered on Giessele’s website.