A Look at Guns & Ammo’s New Shooter Game ‘Point of Impact’

Guns & Ammo Magazine has developed a new internet, desktop and iPhone, first person shooting game featuring, front and center, the latest guns from Remington, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Bushmaster, STAG Arms, Caldwell Targets and DPMS. The game’s called Point of Impact and you can give it whirl for free by clicking right here.

Point of Impact is a pretty faithful simulator: the graphics make for authentic representations of the guns and the designer’s attention to detail in game play, like realistic recoil and precisely rendered environmental elements, help to make the shooting experience as realistic as possible and do not go unnoticed. Outdoor and indoor shooting “arenas” present their own quirks, and you’ll find that, just like in life, everything influences how you shoot.  G&A also promises the game’s virtual gunlocker will be diligently updated with new playable guns added just around the time they hit store shelves.

And most importantly—you can compete in real-time against your friends and foes via the Internet.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation endorsed Point of Impact in an effort to help raise interest in the sport of shooting and promote responsible gun use.

For more information on this product from Guns & Ammo, check out the Point of Impact website.  You can download the app on iTunes here.