Kahr Will Feature New Compact Laserguard Pocket Pistols at 2011 SHOT Show

Kahr Arms is an engineering outfit that has been manufacturing guns for about 15 years amongst the big guys up in Worchester, Massachusetts.  Their model P380 handgun has earned the reputation as a capable, hide-in-your-hand, pocket option while the beefed up PM45, firing a thundering .45 ACP, has found a home with the concealed carry crowd who are looking to stop them where they stand. Easily Kahr’s most popular model handguns, both Kahr’s KP3833L and PM4543L are now coming out of the factory with Crimson Trace Laserguards.

And, on looks alone, it seems like they’ve allayed most of our fears. Whether its in a holster, pocket or waistline, its seems that lights, lasers, bells and whistles all just gum up your ability to draw with pocket pistols like these.  Rarely are add-ons and streamlined simplicity cozy bedfellows, especially when it comes to modern CCW guns, but to our sometimes deceiving eyes, this gun looks pretty concise.

Kahr appears to share these sentiments as well because what they’ve come up for the laser system is incredibly subtle.  The Crimson Trace Laserguard model LG- 437 design is compact and set in just the place, in our opinion, to be both effective and discrete.

Often, bulky laser systems are result of frustrated engineers trying to find the space to accommodate the power source.  The Laserguard addresses the concern the in a straightforward manner: the laser unit takes either two, tiny #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3-volt lithium battery.  These miniature batters are powerful enough to provide the brightness yet small enough to seem “flush” with the gun. Am on average smaller 3.3mm diameter laser diode additionally curtails the size of the housing.

Also, as we’re seeing with most laser systems these days, the Laserguard unit is highly adjustable.  The LG-437 has both windage and elevation adjustments and manageable activation levels.

Internally, both these guns look pretty similar to a Glock—generally considered a good thing.  The KP3833L fires a .380 ACP caliber (which are kind of hard to come by or at least they were about a year ago).  It sports an ultra abbreviated 2.5” premium Lothar Walther barrel.  The frame is some polymer number and the slide is stainless steel.  Where this gun wins us over again is capacity: 6+1, which for a gun of this size is admirable. The PM4543L is really just a more generously sized version of its little brother.  The barrel is about 3.14” and the rest follows suit with polymer frame, steel slide, etc.  Firing a heavier .45 round means it carries 5+1.

The whole package comes with one of these guns, two magazines, Laserguard sight with batteries, an Allen wrench, sight cleaners and a Crimson Trace decal.  Kahr will be showing off these new guys at the SHOT show (and Guns.com we’ll be there too).  For more information click here.