Friends of the NRA Will Hit the Small Screen in 2011

On Sunday, January 2, the Friends of NRA television show will premiere at 10:30pm EST on the Outdoor Channel. Hosting the new program will be Womens’ NRA Bianchi Cup Champion for the 2010 Jessie Abbate and former Cardinals pitcher Matt Duff who you may recognize as host of the Buck Commander series also on Outdoor Channel.

The premise is sort of Great American Road trip meets gun rights soapbox.  Matt and Jessie will venture from the mountains to the prairies to explore the NRA’s grassroots fund-raising efforts for gun enthusiasts known as Friends of NRA.  The NRA pieced together this organization in 1992 with substantial financial commitments from MidwayUSA—an enterprise the NRA has always maintained a close relationship with and well-known conservationalists in their own right.  Friends of the NRA raises funds to build and maintain shooting ranges and other “wide open spaces” and provide grants for gun education classes usually in regards to youth oriented programs.

Every year the NRA sponsors hundreds of Friends of NRA banquets, bringing in generous, untold donations from gun enthusiasts.  The scope of this activism is only fathomable through the laborious efforts of thousands of NRA Field Representatives and the thankless hours spent on the road politicking for the gun rights.  While the shows twosome will be attending these functions and shaking the hands of those magnanimous citizens who nurse twenty-first century gun rights, the show promises to be so much more than a pair of talking heads sitting down for dinner (you can get a glimpse of this with this series episode guide).  Here’s a snippet from the Outdoor Channel’s description of the upcoming show:

“Whether they’re spending time at the Whittington Center with the best and brightest youth of today, showcasing the world’s best at the Bianchi Cup, going behind the scenes on an exclusive Black Bear Hunt in Alaska, or introducing America to our unsung heroes during a Wounded Warrior Elk Hunt – Matt & Jessie will go everywhere and explore everything to uncover the unseen facets of the shooting sphere.”

Much to my dismay, a picture is worth a thousand words so be sure to check out this teaser.