AcuSport spreading the Word about AAC Big Caliber Silencers

AcuSport Corporation has announced it will begin selling the Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) line of “suppressor products” (when I was growing up we called them silencers).  Silencers, once pervasively rumored to be illegal in United States, surreptitiously snuck back into prominence in these reinvigorated times of gun control anxieties.

AAC is part of the Freedom Group (Remington and Marlin are just two other names in a legion of North American gun manufacturers and distributors who call these guys mister).  What we like: these guys are devoted to silencers and little else (though they do offer a line of suppressor accessories and ammunition).

Under the National Firearms Act, the United States regulates the sale and ownership of silencers in 38 of 50 states.  Owning one means you’ll have to undergo a background check with the ATF and pay for a $200 tax stamp.  This stamp is good for you and you only meaning re-sales will require the prospective buyer to purchase the same tax stamp, which may help to explain the previously poor market for silencers.

AAC’s factory is headquartered in Georgia and they recently moved to a new facility to accommodate the increased demand for silencers.  AcuSport will be offering AAC’s entire line.  This includes the new exclusive 300 AAC Blackout caliber.  This silencer fits big energy 30 caliber rounds for AR series rifles.  The consummate concern with suppressors, the Blackout promises more efficiently mitigate energy reduction out of the barrel giving you close to the guns full wallop with less of a bang.  See for yourself in the video below:

Shipments of the AAC line from AcuSport are already being made and interested retailers can contact representative or order products from this family online at