Olympic Gold Medalist Jailed After Late Night Assault with AK-47

Last Thursday, Kenyan long distance running virtuoso and Olympic marathon gold medalist Samwel Wanjiru was arrested for threatening to kill his wife, Tereza Njeri, the couples’ housekeeper Nancy Njoki and injuring compound security guard William Masinde with what is expected be an illegally acquired AK-47.

This bizarre incident took place at 3am Wednesday the 29th at his Muthaiga Estate home in Nyahururu Town and offers little in the way of motive.  Smashing the windows with barrel of the assault weapon, Wanjiru laid siege his multi-million dollar mansion and the defendant’s wife and housekeepers evaded serious injury because the record-breaking athlete struggled to open the main door.

Seeking refuge in one of the several buildings under construction on the national heroes’ sprawling compound, Mr. Masinde received his wounds while aiding those fleeing from the house.  Wanjiru allegedly butt-ended Mr Masinde in the face, causing severe bruising to the cheek, and the right hand—most likely a defensive wound.

Njeri managed to escape from the compound and report the matter to the Nyahururu Police Station. Moments later, Wanjiru drove into the station accompanied by an entourage and Masinde claims to have seen Wanjiru leave his property in the company of another woman.  The whole ordeal took about half an hour.

Wanjiru spent Wednesday night in custody as a special team from Central Provincial Police headquarters conducted investigations.
He plead not guilty in front of Nyahururu court and Senior resident magistrate Alice Mong’are (“judge” in America) set his hearing for March 14 next year.  Mr. Wanjiru posted his Sh300,000 bond (about $4000) and was released Thursday.  He has communicated through his attorney that he believes he was framed.

Prosecutor John Ruto informed the court recently that investigations were complete and that a total of five witnesses would testify.  Additionally, authorities confiscated the offending AK (which is missing a magazine) and ballistics experts will determine whether or not the weapon has been used to commit other offenses.