Steyr Arms Tweaks Trigger Pull on M-A1 and S-A1

Not much of in the way of a teardown but an upgrade nonetheless.  Last month Austria’s Steyr Arms stated they will be tweaking their M-A1 and S-A1 semi-automatic handguns.  The adjustment only concerns their patented Reset Action System mechanism and incorporates a tiny pin underneath the rear sight, halving the firing pin channel. A roller on the pin evens out the firing pins movement when the trigger is compressed.  The result is a smoother trigger pull on the up take and a consistently crisp break precisely at the five-pound mark. 

The M or Mannlicher-A1 was developed for Austrian police services and the civilian shooting market in the late 90s.  The S-A1 emerged shortly after to cater to concealed carry enthusiasts.  A 4-inch vs. 3.6-inch barrel is virtually all that separates the two.

Both double action only pistols come chambered in either 9x19mm Luger or .40 S&W.  Reminiscent of Glocks, A1s use polymer frames and its not uncommon for American shooters, unfamiliar with these series and possibly a little put off by the grip angle, to find themselves pleasantly surprised by the handguns attention to ergonomics when compared to the boxier Glock.

A number of members of these series include Picatinny rails for lasers and flashlights.  There are also dual safeties: one trigger safety and another key operated safety lock.  The suggested retail price for either the M-A1 or S-A1 is still $650.