One Chicago Man Isn’t “Getting Too Old” For This Week’s Comic

In the city with America’s toughest gun laws, keeping a handgun in your home can be a political statement or the means to do something a million times more important – to protect your family and home from violence, as we see happen for one West Chicago man in this weeks comic…

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Gear Breakdown

Door Locks – Although it’s a simple concept, a locked door is always at the top of the list for thwarting criminals’ plans. Think about this: according to the State Farm Insurance website, “Burglars prefer to break into a home through a door because it is quick and easy.” So it turns out burglars prefer convenience, always looking for the easy way in and out.

In the comic, the homeowner had locked his backdoor, so the burglar then broke and crawled through the basement window. The whole time thinking he could enter through the basement door, but it was locked.

The homeowner realized his home’s weak security points. This can be easily figured out if you do a mock break in of your own home. Get inside the mind of the burglar and then, as the Crime Doctor, a San Diego security consultant group, suggests, “harden your target,” meaning securing the areas you wouldn’t normally think of.

Ruger P-95 – This is a no frills 9mm. It has fixed sights, a carbon steel slide, polymer frame, and an ambidextrous safety/de-cocker. It’s a nice standard size all purpose pistol and economically priced with an MSRP of around $400.

Chicago Handgun Ban Lifted – Technically the homeowner having the gun in his home was illegal, but police accessed the situation—80 year old man with wife and grandchild, burglar starts shooting at the window for entry, man defends himself—and decided not to press charges. Also, one month later the Supreme Court would lift Chicago’s 28-year-old handgun ban, so talk about the right to bear arms was a hot topic at the time.

However, it was a mere coincidence that one happened after the other. This incident was not the event that changed the ruling (although it may have affected public opinion), no, that case is called McDonald vs. Chicago.

Cane Gun – I’m not sure if it would’ve helped, but the elderly man was only able to walk with the support of a cane. I’m not sure if he was aware of cane guns, but they do exist (they might be even more illegal than just having a gun in Chicago though). They’re rare and are often considered antiques. They were typically chambered for small caliber rimfire cartridges or very small shot shells like .410. The most popular cane gun was one of the earliest guns made by Remington.

Art by Rafael E. Torres. Story developed by Daniel Terrill