A Warning from Disease Control Arrives in This Week’s Comic

As dutifully reported by Guns.com, this week the Center for Disease Control released their recommendations for survival in the event of the eminent Zombie Apocalypse.  In this week’s comic, we begin to see why…

CONTEST: Would you like a personal story of your own transformed into a comic by guns.com?  If the answer is yes, submit your own adventure/tale over in our forums section.  Navigate over to the General Discussions Forum and post a discussion detailing your experience.  Your story must involve a gun — you can recount an epic hunting tale to good to be true, a time when you protected your family from a home intruder, a perfect day out on the range, etc.  The possibilities are endless, the guns.com user with the best tale will be deemed the winner.  It will be drawn into a comic and posted on guns.com.  You will also receive the original copy of the comic by mail.  And don’t worry this won’t be the last contest, we will be doing this every couple of weeks.  Let’s hear your story…

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Art by Rafael E. Torres. Story developed by Daniel Terrill and Aaron Samsel

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