Almost Got Him: The Tale of the Interrupting Samurai

A brave hunter spends hours stalking his game out in the northern Maine forest on a cool autumn day. Tired, hungry, and alone, he’s on the brink of giving up when he finally lays his sights on it – a big black American bear in this week’s comic.

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Gear Breakdown

Bear – There are several species of bear in the US, but in this particular instance the hunter is going after black bear – the most common bear in the country. The animal is said to be non-aggressive nor territorial. They tend to live in heavily wooded areas and, like most all animals, would only leave while searching for food.

Suzuki Samurai – This fine automobile was introduced in 1984 as a spruced up Suzuki Jimny, an economical four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle. This baby has a four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission. And she’s been intensely popular within the off-road community for years.

Sako Black Bear – This rifle is part of Sako’s 85 line of bolt-action hunting rifles. You can get the Sako Black Bear chambered in one of six different popular bear hunting cartridges. Other features that make it applicable for bear hunting are its lightweight synthetic stock, so it can be carried all day on that tedious stalk, and its control feed bolt action. A controlled feed bolt actually grabs the rim of the cartridge, meaning it won’t fall out as you chamber a new round. Some say they prefer it when hunting dangerous game.

Communication – Whenever you go out into the wild be sure to notify friends or family where you’re going. In this instance, Jorge had told his friend that he would be out hunting, but failed to give him a time that he’d return. Sure, it would’ve been nice to kill that bear, but on the other hand safety is priority. One of the biggest safety rules for outdoor recreation is let someone back at camp or at home know where you are going and when you plan on returning.