11-Year-Old Holds Down the Fort in This Week’s Comic

It was supposed to be a lazy summer day for not-your-typical 11-year-old girl – nothing but TV and video games – until three older teens had to spoil the fun, but not to worry friends. Why?, you might ask. Because she grabs her gun in this week’s comic.

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Gear Breakdown

Firearm Training – Knowing how to safely use and handle a gun is one method of promoting firearm safety. According to the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, a program advocating gun safety for children:

There is no particular age to talk with your child about gun safety. A good time to introduce the subject is the first time he or she shows an interest in firearms, even toy pistols or rifles. Talking openly and honestly about gun safety with your child is usually more effective than just ordering him or her to “Stay out of the gun closet,” and leaving it at that. Such statements may just stimulate a child’s natural curiosity to investigate further.

As with any safety lesson, explaining the rules and answering a child’s questions help remove the mystery surrounding guns.

For more information about teaching gun safety to children, click here.

Hello Kitty AK-47 – Although a limited edition novelty brought about by glamguns.com, the Hello Kitty AK-47 is a fully functional 7.62×39 caliber rifle. Like the original it is gas-piston operated, so propellant gases push a piston, which presses against the bolt and drives it back to cycle the round. Unlike the original it comes with a hand-crocheted butt stock “muffler” and pink anodized titanium plating. This beauty is tagged for $1072.

To be fair, in the real story the little girl actually had a pink bolt-action .22 caliber Cricket rifle. It has a pink synthetic stock and a stainless steel barrel. This baby will set you back about $170.

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