Magpul Enters the Shotgun Arena

It seems like there never was a time before Magpul made rifle hardware.  (Or iPhone cases, but we digress.)  They’ve been an iconic AR-platform furniture maker for more than a decade now, with parts for the whole spectrum of shooters, from plinkers to operators.  And starting next year, they’ll be in the shotgun business.

They’ve just added two shotgun accessories to their inventory: a MOE-ready forend, or forearm, if you prefer, as well as an adjustable buttstock.

The forend has the same attachment slots as on other Magpul rifle forearms, and will accept any of Magpul’s forearm accessories, like their Scout tactical light mount and vertical forward grips.

The buttstock has features a user-adjustable spacer system so that you can customize the shotgun’s length-of-pull, a more aggressive grip, and it has a fat recoil pad that we like the looks of.  The comb accepts risers for a higher cheek-weld for use with optics, too.

The prices are “to be announced” in mid-January, so probably SHOT Show.  We don’t expect them to be too high since Magpul hearts law enforcement and the military; this is reinforced with the fact that this furniture is for the Remington 870, which is the entrenched shotgun for agency use.

Yes, Mossberg 500 fans will have to wait, and for how long, we can’t say.  We would be surprised if they didn’t move onto the 500 soon, but right now these accessories are 870-specific.  So besides the 870 and the 500, what shotgun do you want to see Magpul dress up next?