The US Army Phasing Out the AT4, Upgrading with Mr. Carl Gustav (VIDEO)

The Army is moving to replace their existing AT4 recoilless one-and-done anti-tank weapon with the versatile, reloadable Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.  Sources inside FORSCOM have said that, “These new rocket launchers are [expletive] bomber!”

Just about everything is better when you Carl Gustav.  Your range, your loadout, your accuracy.  You will spend a bit more, but the Army really benefits from the alternate types of rounds the Carl Gustav is capable of firing.  The AT4 is a specialized anti-tank weapon, and well, the army isn’t up against too many of those.

And sure, anti-tank ordnance does in fact work on human enemies, there is better stuff.  Specifically, the Carl Gustavs can fire airburst projectiles, fragmenting high-explosive ordnance that can be set with a timer to explode just as it passes overhead.

“The HE round does have an airburst capability,” said Saab exec Bhuvanesh Thoguluva. “[And] it is the one that is utilized most often because of its effective range. It uses a mechanical time fuse which is set prior to loading the weapon system.”

Since it can also be loaded with pure anti-tank rounds, not to mention standard high-explosive rounds, flares for illumination, gigantic smoke bombs, and a little gem called the “Area Defense Weapon” which is armed with flechettes; that’s right, the Carl Gustav can be turned into a shoulder-mounted shotgun that’s loaded with railroad spikes.

The Swedes call it “the Meat Grinder.” (The Carl Gustav as well as the AT4 are manufactured by Saab.)

To be certain, the Army will continue to use other anti-tank/anti-helicopter weapon systems, like the FGM-148 Javelin.  The Javelin is usually loaded with self-guided fire-and-forget missiles, although it, like the Carl Gustav, is capable of firing multiple types of ordnance.

Just a little-known fact.