Smith & Wesson Brings Back the Classic Model 586

Smith & Wesson is bringing back a classic. The Model 586 may in some ways have been superseded by the 686, but we think there’s room in the market for a blued six-shot L-frame revolver.  The new guns will have four- or six-inch barrels.

They are square-butt Smiths with red ramp front, adjustable white outline rear sights, feature a full-barrel underlug, and are sexy as hell.

Smith and Wesson S&W Revolver Model 586 New Guns L-Comp .357 Magnum

Smith & Wesson originally offered the 586 in both six- and seven-shot models, something they’re continuing now: they have a Performance Center seven-shot 586 L-Comp with a cut-down three-inch ported barrel and a front night sight.  Like the standard 586, it’s nice and blue and has wood (this time, rosewood) grips.

The 586s are also priced a little lower than comperable 686s, although we are just talking tens of dollars.  Still, not everyone likes the satin stainless finish, and plenty of people pay extra for real tree grips, which the Models 586 all come stock with, so for the right person, these are a great deal compared to the current crop of 686s.  The MSRP for the plain models is $810, so expect to find them for around $600 to $700, and the L-Comp’s is $1,300, which means real-world price $900 to $1000.

Smith and Wesson S&W Revolver Model 586 New Guns L-Comp .357 Magnum

From Smith & Wesson: “They’re the finest new handguns possible with designs harkening back to the most famous and collectible guns that Smith & Wesson ever constructed. Each is based on a model known for legendary performance then enhanced with modern advantages.”

We are sad to report that these genuine, bona fide, “modern classics” do have that lock nonsense installed.  Guess that’s where the modern comes from.  That said, nobody’s super-surprised, and we are happy to see these beauties returning to stores.

Smith and Wesson S&W Revolver Model 586 New Guns .357 Magnum

There are more than a few original 586s still floating around, though.  What would you rather get, a used model without a lock, a shiny new one with a lock, or to hell with them all, Ruger for life!