Concealed Carriers Documentary Coming in 2012 (VIDEO)

If you carry concealed, how serious are you about that responsibility?  (Unfortunately, I don’t carry concealed; I live in wonderful Los Angeles County). 

To put the question another way, how much training have you participated in to prepare yourself for the lawful use of deadly force against a criminal who seeks to hurt you or the people you care about? 

Conventional wisdom assumes that the more training one goes through, the more prepared he/she is. 

Although, I’ve had one friend tell me that he doesn’t rely on training or extensive range time.  He said he took the mandatory minimum training requirement in his state (I think it’s a 4 hour course), got his CCW license, and that’s all he needs.   

He added that any more training would be “paralysis by analysis.”  He argued that people who train too much become too mechanical with their motions.  They’re not fluid or intuitive when they react in high-pressure situations and that, he said, can get them killed.

The makers of the documentary Concealed Carriers portray people who take the exact opposite approach to concealed carry. 

That is, the film focuses on, to use the words of the producers, “an intense, scenario-based firearms training program and the everyday people eager to participate. The program puts the students in simulated real life situations where those with a license to carry just may have to exercise that right.”

The type of training participants undergo is ECQB Force on Force training, a form of specialty weapons training designed to enhance realism (ECQB stands for Extreme Close Quarters Battle).

“In this unique form of training, students participate in scenarios that replicate potentially deadly force situations, in addition to replicating the stress and neurological responses experienced during actual life-threatening events,” the producers noted on their Facebook page

Looking at the trailer of the documentary, it’s clear that this paramilitary, high-pressure training is some serious stuff.  And to be honest, it makes me (A) curious to see the movie and (B) interested in taking an ECQB course (again, even though I don’t carry). 

What do you guys think?  And, what’s your approach to CCW training, less is more?  Or practice, practice, practice? 

About the Film:

Studio: Mixed Partial Arts Productions

Directed by: Christian S. Kohl

Produced by: Christian S. Kohl, Dylan Smith, Noah Lang, Grant Yoshitsu

Website: Facebook Page