FOX Network Confirms Policy Against Firearm and Ammunition Advertisements

This week, the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) has received a form letter from FOX stating that the network has a policy against accepting firearms or ammunition advertisers on a national level.

Pursuant to the network’s ban of firearms and ammunition sponsors during their Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events we reported on in January, the NSSF sent a request to FOX to lift the ban. The form letter that was sent in reply states that while the network has a policy against firearm and ammunition advertisements at the national level, local broadcast stations may accept firearms and ammunition-related advertising based on their local community standards.

The NSSF has sent a call for action to gun owners, asking them to voice their opinion on FOX’s corporate policy to the network’s corporate headquarters at:

Corporate Headquarters FSN
10201 W. Pico, Bld. 103
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: 310-369-1000
For updates, stay tuned to For more information on the NSSF’s stand on FOX’s corporate policy the original press release is available on their website, the form letter sent to the NSSF from FOX is also available. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.