Arsenal Firearms New Double Barrel Pistol

Arsenal Firearms has released the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol: a 1911-A1 with two barrels and two triggers.

The unique firearms holds eight sets of two .45 caliber rounds in two single stack magazines, it has two chambers and two triggers and the rounds come out of two barrels. The firearm can put the two rounds in a target the size of an orange at 15 yards or a water melon at 25 yards displaying impressive accuracy for a gun that has two barrels on it. Arsenal’s new 1911 design releases an impressive bullet weight each shot, with two .45 ACP adding up to 460 grains Arsenal claims their new firearm can take down a bull in one shot (of two rounds). Since it can hold two single stack magazines, each holding eight rounds, the new firearm certainly packs a punch.

The double barrel 1911 may have two barrels and two triggers, but it only has one slide, one frame, one grip safety, a single body double mainspring housing and a single double cavity magazine floor plate. Despite all the unique features on the new design, many of the internal parts are easily replaceable with standard 1911 replacement parts, including the firing pins, sears groups, recoil spring and magazine bodies.

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