Arizona House Bill to Allow Concealed Carry in Public Buildings

While the controversial Arizona Senate Bill that would allow students to carry concealed on campus has stalled due to lack of sports, a new bill has begun movement in the House that would allow guns in all public buildings.

House Bill 2729, sponsored by Rep. David Gowan, R- Sierra Vista, has support from the Arizona Citizens Defense League, a local gun-rights group in Arizona. The bill would make it legal for individuals to carry weapons into a public building or event as long as the building or event is not being secured by armed security guards and metal detectors or certified state or federal law-enforcement officers. The law would include courts, city halls, libraries, public pools, the state Capitol and police stations. 

While the bill would provide for concealed carry in these public arenas, it would allow private operators of multipurpose facility to limit or ban guns on the property, it would also not apply to private entities that rent space in public buildings, K-12 schools, community colleges or universities. If the bill were to pass Arizona would be one of nine other state that would allow guns in public government buildings.

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