“Ballistic Bling”: Handcrafted Gold and Silver Bullet Cufflinks

Custom jeweler Sofia Winberg makes totally unique cufflinks.  She makes custom gold and silver cufflinks from molds cast on bullets or cartridges you send her.  They may not have a place at the range but when you have to look your sharpest, you can still show some gun.

AccurateShooter reports, “The silver links in the photo [below] are based on a Hornady 7mm Interbond 139gr bullet. I choose this bullet since it was the one with which I shot my first deer. Here’s how these are made. When Sophia receives your sample bullet, she makes a mold from it and then casts the silver bullet body. If the bullet has a tip, she attaches a small silver cap and shapes it to match the original tip.”

Made from a 7mm Hornady bullet mold by Sophia Winberg

Winberg will make you any sort of ammo cufflinks you can dream up, after all, she is a custom jeweler.  She will also attach a silver T-bar to any solid copper bullets you send her as a much less expensive option.  She does have standard rates for some of her most common bullet cufflinks.

  • Silver Bullet Cufflinks, with or without silver tip, molded from bullet sample: $475
  • Copper Bullet Cufflinks, with silver tip, molded from tipped bullet sample: $350
  • Copper Bullet Cufflinks molded from Hollow-point or FMJ bullet sample: $300
  • Solid Copper Bullet Cufflinks, no molding, with silver T-Bar attached: $140
  • Cartridge Case Cufflinks: $350
  • Special materials, jewels, etc.: Priced on request

Brass cufflinks made from .22 casesThat doesn’t include the cost of shipping her a bullet or case.  Winberg lives in Sweden.  Her (extremely minimalist and not very helpful) website is here and you can contact her directly at sophia@sophiawinberg.com

Not that she’s the only game in town.  A quick trip to your local online search engine results in a whole bunch of cartridge-related cufflinks, with many made with actual spend cases, and prices starting as low as $20 for some fine hand-made jewelery.

In particular, we like this set of brass-barred .22 caliber case cufflinks for $80.  Worn and patinaed brass always looks classy.  And these flattened out .40 caliber rosettes look sharp, especially with their bejeweled primers, $40.  They can be ordered in a rainbow of Swarovski crystal colors.

Rosette cufflinks made from a .40 S&W case with inset Swarovski crystal

And there’s of course our very own Edward “Skip” Bleistein’s Bull’s Eye Mercantile.  Skip makes plenty of custom jewelry, accessories made from spent casings, including earrings, cufflinks, leather hatbands, and necklaces.  Like these .45 ACP cufflinks, $40.

Skip's Cufflinks

Gifts like these are always unbeatable, whether you’re going in for the custom-cast cufflinks made of pure gold or just a set a neat little cases cut down to the head and stuck to a bar.  And you can always treat yourself to something a little fancy.  Looking for something more feminine?  How about some ballistic earrings?