CZ’s Czechmate Competition Pistol Gets a Very Colorful Update

CZ is updating their full-size competition pistol, the Czechmate.  The Czechmate is intended for United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) shooting sports, and more specifically, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), gun games around the world.

Based on the CZ 75 Tactical Sport, the Czechmate is a high-capacity 9mm race gun with an extended 5.4-inch barrel.  It comes with one 26-round magazine and three 20-round magazines, and is out-of-the-box ready for both Limited and Open competition.  It has two sight systems, a frame-mounted C-MORE Systems Slide Ride 6 MOA red dot sight for Open Division, or a standard blade front sight that replaces the four-port barrel extension for Limited Division.

Czechmate with C-MORE sight and magazines

Other Czechmate features include extended safeties, slide release, and magazine release, an extremely undercut grip with aggressive front- and backstrap checkering, ultra-thin aluminum grip panels, a thin semi-flat single-action-only (SAO) competition trigger, a competition hammer, and an enlarged aluminum magwell.

Czechmate with blade sights

It is at the top of competition handguns, so what can they do to update the Czechmate without compromising it?  They can pain it pretty colors.  But unlike many two-tone or colored handguns, CZ really went all-out with their new Parrot edition.

A colorful version of the Czechmate

A picture says a thousand words.  The only major difference between the standard Czechmate and the Parrot is the style of the hammer.  The parrot’s is, and this is a technical term, cheekier.  With red, yellow, blue, pink and green highlights, there should be no doubting that this gun is for the games.

One thing to mention is that the Czechmate Parrot is currently only listed on the Czech CZ website, but that doesn’t mean in time a few of them will head stateside.  You can always get a standard Czechmate and have the aluminum bits painted.  An all-black Czechmate costs $3000 (including the red dot sight; for all you get, compared to the competition, it’s actually very competitively-priced), no price is given for the Parrot.

Do you compete, or wish to compete, with CZ firearms?