Kansas Sportsmen’s Self Defense Bill Signed into Law

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed House Bill 2491, the Sportsmen’s Self Defense bill into law. The bill would allow hunters, fishermen and fur harvesters to carry a handgun in the field.

The bill passed in the House by an overwhelming 113 to 8 vote in February, the state Senate passed the bill unanimously on March 15 before it was sent to the governors guest. The commonsense bill would allow an individual to carry a handgun for person protection while hunting, fishing or trapping as long as it is used for personal protection and not the unauthorized taking of wildlife. This gives sporstmen the ability to protect themselves from the variety of threats faced while hunting, such as wildlife and criminals.

This bill will allow Kansas to join other states, including Washington and Colorado, in allowing hunters, fishers and trappers to carry handguns for self defense.

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