Bang Bang Handle: Open the door with extreme prejudice

Russian artist and devout Suicide Girls fan, Nikita Kovalev has introduced the Bang Bang Handle, a door handle shaped like the Eastern European classic Makarov 9mm handgun.

Although there are only speculative details available on the Bang Bang Handle, the information that was found for this brief article was from the artist’s website and a conversation he had on Facebook, which had to be translated from Russian into a series of incoherent English phrases thanks to Bing. However, was still able to pull key details from it.The Bang Bang Handle was inspired by the Marakov 9mm handgun.

The Bang Bang Handle, or just Bang Handle, is a full-size Makarov with a missing muzzle, which has been chopped off so a plate could be added. The plate would be used to fasten the handle to the door.

There are pictures of it in five different colors: gold, black, silver, grey and white. And although they look like they’re made of metal, they’re actually constructed with plastic. Kovalev said that metal was just too expensive.

But the hundred dollar question is whether or not the trigger works. One would imagine that pulling the trigger would control the mechanism that opens the door, but that’s just an assumption. would normally find out details like this, but then we’d have to call an obscure number in Moscow and hire a translator to ask about something that isn’t even for sale.

If it ever does end up in stores, which why wouldn’t it?, will let you know.