Colt Defense Employees Get New 2-year Contract in Final Hours of Negotiations

Recently, the United Auto Workers (Local 376) and management at Colt Defense LLC agreed on a new labor contract detailing a two-year term of agreement. This comes as a bit of a departure from the previous contract (which lapsed on the March 31, 2012) which held workers for five years. The terms of the new contract were not disclosed, though a spokesmen for the Colt management told the press they believe this iteration of the contract will continue to ensure quality employment for their workers while giving Colt Defense a competitive edge in the teeming gun market.

Workers and management with Colt have actually had their pens drawn since February, negotiating the new contract terms in anticipation of the April 1 deadline for the 250 employees at Colt Defense’s Harford, Connecticut on New Park Avenue. The management’s negotiating team returned a final offer to the union shortly before midnight on the last day of the month, while union parties held an emergency meeting on Sunday, April 1 recommending the contract’s ratification.  Colt union members affirmed their new bid at 10:00 am Sunday, preventing the opportunity for labor action.

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