66-Year-Old Stroke Victim Shoots Robber Who Stole From a Child

George Layous, a stroke victim, grandfather, and jewelry store owner shot an armed robber who was ransacking his store. 

Prepare yourself, because this tale of villainy is so ludicrous that it sounds like something out of a Dudley Do-Right episode.

The robber, 19-year-old Musa Thomas, was a long-time patron of the jewelry store and frequently sold items to Layous. When the young man entered Layous’ store, he greeted him with a “Hi, how are you,” and then produced a gun. Layous initially thought that Thomas was playing a joke. When Layous realized that Thomas was serious, he asked, “You’re my friend. How could you do this to me?” 

Thomas swiped the $11 in the cash register and fired two rounds into the building while Layous and his wife struggled to open the store safes. Thomas stole jewelry off the shelves, and even stole a necklace right off the neck of Layous’ four-year-old daughter, Sophia. Layous reported that when the robber wasn’t looking, Sophia stuffed some of her toys into her pockets so that the robber wouldn’t steal those, too. Aww, poor thing.

It’s really hard to believe the audacity of this thief. Intimidating old people with a gun and stealing from a scared little girl? What was next on his agenda for the day — setting fire to orphanages and driving a bus full of nuns into another bus full of nuns?

The robber made the biggest mistake of his life when he turned his back on George Layous to swipe the store’s security footage. Layous, who is paralyzed in his right side, seized the moment and shot the robber. 

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Thomas, who was suffering from a gun shot wound to the leg (he’s lucky it was just the leg), and charged him with armed robbery. Layous added after the incident, “Not all guns are bad.”