Al Qaeda Releases Video of Captive Warren Weinstein (VIDEO)

An emotional video posted by the radical Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda shows their captive, Warren Weinstein, pleading to President Barack Obama to take the necessary steps to rescue him. 

Weinstein, an American citizen, was kidnapped from his residence in Lahore, Afghanistan, during his stint working as the country director for the consultancy J.E. Austin Associates. He has been held captive since Aug. 13, 2011. 

While Weinstein did not specify what the demand of the al-Qaeda were, it is suspected that an audio message released by al-Qaeda last December details their lengthy demands, “They include the lifting of the blockade on movement of people and trade between Egypt and Gaza; an end to bombing by the United States and its allies […] the release of all prisoners in Guantanamo.” The demands goes on, and on, and on.

The message also mentions that they are “honoring [the] prisoner” and “we have not tortured [the] prisoner.”

Weinstein begins the video by notifying his wife that he is fine (considering the circumstances) and that he has been taking all of his medication; he then pleads with President Obama to help secure his freedom. He personally appeals to Obama as a parent, saying that he also has two daughters and misses them deeply.

The White House had no comment about the video. Considering Al Qaeda’s unreasonably long list of demands and the United States’ standing policy not to negotiate with terrorists, it isn’t likely the U.S. government will submit to al-Qaeda’s demands. We’d love more than anything else to see Weinstein brought back to the U.S., but we can’t imagine a scenario where the U.S.A. will ever set terrorists free. We can only hope and pray the U.S. government will find a way to return Weinstein to his native soil and reunite him with his family.

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