‘Mad Scientist’ Makes Real-Life Lightning Death Ray!

A self-described “mad scientist” has created an honest-to-god lightning-shooting Tesla Gun. We’re not going to bore you too much with the scientific mumbo-jumbo of how it works, but inventor Rob Flickenger sums up the gist of it pretty well, “You pull the trigger, and lightning comes out the front.” Awesome.

The history or science buffs out there may recognize the name of Nikola Tesla, a genius scientist from the early 1900s who revolutionized man’s understanding of electricity and claimed to have figured out how to build a lightning death ray. Now, nearly one hundred years after Tesla’s controversial claim, inventor and author Rob Flickenger has created a real lethal lightning gun. 

Flickenger was inspired by a graphic novel featuring a fictionalized Nikola Tesla battling against his rivals with a death ray. While most of us would simply be content to admire the sweet battle scenes, Flickenger decided that he needed to build one himself. So, after doing quite a bit of research and getting tons of help from the Seattle hacker community, he did it.  

The result is the Tesla Gun, a device that can absolutely kill a human being with blasts of 100,000-volt lightning. This gun is so freaking dangerous that you could die just by pulling the trigger. Flickenger emphasizes that the user must be standing firmly on the ground to ensure that the electricity current is harmlessly shunted to the earth while operating the weapon. 

How hard do you think it’d be to get an open carry permit for a weapon like that?

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