Bringing out the Big Guns: Rocket Launcher Sold in LA Gun Buyback

A military-grade rocket launcher was turned in during the fourth annual Los Angeles gun buyback program. It might sound ridiculous that somebody would walk up to police and hand them a rocket launcher, but if you think about it this was probably the opportunity somebody was waiting for.

Suppose that you somehow manage to get your hands on a real-life rocket launcher. Your excitement quickly wears off once you realize that you can’t exactly take it to the shooting range, ammunition is stupidly expensive, and that you’d probably get hauled off the slammer if anybody found out that you had it.

Well, when the Los Angeles gun buyback program promised “no questions asked” as part of the trade, one rocket launcher owner decided that this was his chance to get rid of it. Turning in this 16 millimeter anti-tank weapon earned the former owner $200 in groceries. It sounds like the owner got screwed on that trade, but at least he won’t have to constantly worry about accidentally blowing up his house. 

Antonia Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles, was glad that the buyback program was so successful, saying “You’re not hunting ducks with this stuff.” Normally we’re not a big fan of situations when people try to make firearms sound like terrible murder devices, but in this particularly case we just might have to agree with Villaraigosa. Seriously, what do you even do with a rocket launcher?

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