Be Vewy Vewy Quiet: Texas to Allow Suppressors for Hunters

Starting Sept. 1, Texas will begin offering permits that will allow hunters to use suppressors on their rifles.

It is currently legal in Texas for hunters to use suppressors only against exotic game, such as feral hogs. This new legislation will add other animals to the list, such as game birds, game animals, or alligators. This also includes nuisance species. 

The best reason for using a suppressor will vary based on who you ask, but their benefits include better accuracy due to reduced recoil and a lower chance of causing hearing damage. Though, if you ask a homeowner living near a popular hunting area, they’re bound to tell you that the reduced noise pollution is easily their best feature. This change in policy should make people happy across the board. Hunters will be able to hunt the way they want and sounds of their gunfire won’t be as much of an annoyance for nearby homeowners. 

We have the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (and to a lesser degree the NRA) to thank for this new law. The TPWC voted unanimously to approve hunting suppressors after the NRA pushed for common-sense hunting reform. 

The TPWC will need to proceed cautiously as it issues suppressor permits to Texans, however. These suppressors will also make it easier for poachers to hunt out of season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the number of illegal poaching incidents goes up within the next two years.

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