Calguns Foundation Complaint Form Streamlines Grievances Against Cali. DOJ

The Calguns Foundation (CGF), a California based gun rights group, has streamlined the complaint process by introducing a new form to submit a grievance against the California Department of Justice.

The CGF created the form in “response to an increasing number of reports of apparently improper conduct on the part of the California Department of Justice towards those seeking to acquire firearms for self-defense.” The form features simple categories ranging form “search, seizure (holds or confiscations), or arrest” to “Problems with DOJ firearms-related application forms.” 

This form will help the CGF stay organized, and it should give them a better picture of problem areas in the DOJ that demand CGF attention the most. 

The Calguns Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to “protect the rights of individuals to acquire, own, and lawfully use firearms in California.”

In addition, on the group’s website they warn the best thing to do in the event of an encounter with the police is to remain silent, refuse consent to a search, demand an attorney, and contact the CGF. The help hotline is still available to anyone who wants to speak to a Calguns Foundation representative. can’t quite figure out how we feel about this development. Is it good news that the CGF is fighting harder than ever for gun rights, or is it bad news that California has gotten so bad in terms of gun rights that the CGF is swamped with complaints? 

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