Beretta Raises Money in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in a Road Rally

The Beretta family, owners of the world’s oldest firearm manufacturer, will be participating in “The Cash and Rocket (RED) Tour,” a road rally that will take drivers—all women—from London to Monaco via Paris and Milan. In other words, 70 women in 35 cars will race over 1,100 miles in four days—ending on June 10.

Umberta Beretta, left, and Gabriella Dompe posing at a function.Umberta Beretta, wife of Beretta USA Executive Vice President Franko Beretta, will be driving for the Beretta team.  She’s racing with teammate and Italian socialite Gabriella Dompe in a Porsche donated by a dealer in Brescia, Italy.

This is not Mrs. Beretta’s first race.  “I have done the Mille Miglia historic car race twice with my husband Franco in the Mercedes Gull Wing [a 300SL] that belongs to my father-in-law. I’ve also run a couple of smaller precision races such as the Aido Trophy with historic cars. This is the first time I will drive.”

The Beretta family has a passion for cars.  The company even made cars after WWII, but now they’ve found a way to use this passion to raise funds for a good cause.  Mrs. Beretta said that she knows she’s in a position that many would consider lucky and that she believes that the good fortune of the Beretta dynasty should be shared with those in need.

As it is in the tradition of the Beretta family, Umberta will put her beliefs into action.  All of the money will be donated to RED, a group whose mission is to raise awareness and funds to help prevent HIV-positive mothers from transmitting the virus to their children. The Beretta family will make a donation and funds will be obtained from sponsorships on the cars, dinners and auctions along the way.

“I met [the other women] in London on our first meeting.  They are fun, and they are also very motivated to raise money. They are all mothers and know what it means to be blessed with a healthy son or daughter.”

We’ll have to wait until June to see who wins the race, but Mrs. Beretta is already ahead in the fundraising.  With 19 days left, Team Beretta has already raised more than $18,000, with the aim of $30,000.

If you want to find out more about the race, or donate to the cause, check out the Beretta team’s charity website.