Brite-Strike Camera Flashlight: “Cover Your Assets”

The Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera (DLC) is a flashlight with a small digital audio and video recorder embedded into its face. The DLC is intended to help people both illuminate and make a record of where they go. While this is obviously intended for law enforcement—especially given their catchphrase, “Cover your assets,”—the DLC has appeal for more than just the security professions. The military, inspectors and investigators, even contractors and mechanics can benefit from having a portable video camera that also happens to be a flashlight. 

The DLC does not look at all like a video camera. It would be difficult at best to tell the difference between the DLC and any number of similar tactical flashlights on the market. It has to, in any case, in order to be useful for the police and the military who are trained to use flashlights and have flashlight mounts and tactics need the DLC to have the right look and feel. 

Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera DLC

It does, however, shoot video. It has 4GB of onboard storage which is enough for about six hours of 3GP video at a resolution of 640×480 pixels. It has a run time of about 2.5 hours with the light on maximum brightness, which is its 200 lumen setting, and an 8-hour run time set on low brightness, or 80 lumens. The light also has a strobe function. 

The DLC is constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, as it should be, and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power. It is lightweight at just over 12 ounces and a midsize flashlight at 7.5 inches long. It is both water resistant and shock resistant. A cap in the base of the DLC holds a diffuser or colored filters for use with infrared goggles. 

Also available for the DLC is a Brite-Strike Roto-Loc holster. It is designed with a locking ratchet that allows the holster to be positioned at any point in 360 degrees of rotation. It’s a polymer retention holster with a snap lock that holds the DLC in place. The Roto-Loc holster also uses a quick-release locking jaw belt attachment and can be popped off and handed to someone else in a second, and be affixed to either belts or MOLLE webbing. 

And maybe it’s our inner tacticool children, but we really like this idea. Of course it’s great for law enforcement and the military, that almost goes without saying. But we want one, you know, just because. Which makes the price tag that much more real. The DLC fits a lot of kit into a small package, but the MSRP is a cool five bills. Even if the real-world price is closer to $300 than $500, it nothing you buy on a whim. 

However, if you have assets to cover, this is a much easier decision to make. The only thing left to wonder about is when will Brite-Strike make a big D-cell-style DLC?