2012 Bianchi Cup Winners Announced!

The Bianchi Cup has just named the winners of its 2012 competition. 

Before we jump into the scores, we should take a moment to explain the scoring system, because it’s not the most intuitive thing in the world. A perfect score (which nobody has ever done) is 1920-192x. The first number represents the contestant’s points. Each shot has a maximum value of 10 points, so for those of you who aren’t math whizzes, that means that a person fires 192 total shots. Hitting the central 4 inch ring not only gets you 10 points, but it also gets you an “x.” The second number basically represents how many times a person hit the central target. Thus, 1920-192x means that a person hit the central bulls-eye with 192 of 192 shots.

The Bianchi CupOpen

  1. Doug Koenig: 1920-182x
  2. Richard Siebert: 1920-159x
  3. Andrea Moroni: 1918-173x


  1. Robert Vadasz: 1878-135x
  2. Bruce Piatt: 1877-145x
  3. Phill Strader: 1872-119x


  1. Vance Schmid: 1887-118x
  2. Enoch Smith: 1885-123x
  3. Rob Leatham: 1879-127x

Women’s Division

  1. Julie Golob: 1907-144x
  2. Jessie Harrison-Duff: 1902-153x
  3. Tiffany Piper: 1879-143x

Unfortunately, Team Glock had to replace ace shooter Tori Nonaka, who was recovering from a wrist injury, with Donnie Bryant, an ND police officer. He stated that, “Shooting a gun that I trust and use each day made shooting the Cup much less stressful for me.”

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