Kahr Arms Donates Tommy Gun to Armor 4 Troops Charity

The USA based firearm manufacturing company Kahr Arms (you should click that link; they’ve got a great home page) has made a donation to the Armor 4 Troops Foundation.

Armor 4 Troops in a nonprofit charity organization that was founded in late December by a group of US Marine Officers who saw a need to “protect those who protect us.” They accomplish their goal both at home and abroad. Here in the States, they supply financial assistance to the families of wounded veterans. They also provide critical, life-saving equipment, such as anti-ballistic eyewear and body armor, to troops who are currently on duty. Kahr Arms

So, all-in-all, the people behind A4T are really top-notch fellows. You can make a donation to their organization here.

Kahr Arms, along with the family of firearms that also includes Magnum Research Inc. and Auto Ordnance, has donated a Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe model to Armor 4 Troops. The famous “Tommy gun” will be sold off as part of an A4T fund raising event.

If any of you have ever wanted to own your own Tommy gun (a dream all of us share), now’s a great time to whip out your check book in preparation for the A4T raffle. Not only will you buy a chance to own one of the most famous guns from American history, but your dollars may very well go towards saving the life of a US soldier.

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