Annie Oakley’s Heirlooms Bring in $520,000 at Auction

Annie Oakley’s personal heirlooms recently pulled in roughly $520,000 at auction, reports the AP.

We’ll get to the auctions in a bit, but first let us ask you a hypothetical question. If your family inherited heirlooms from one of the most legendary marksman in history, what would you do with them?

Portrait of Annie Oakley.For Terrye Holcomb, a great-grandniece of Oakley, her approach was less about putting them in a glass case under lock and key and more about experiencing them firsthand.

Holcomb recalls wearing Oakley’s Stetson hat (which sold for $17,925) on one Halloween. She also fondly remembers shooting Oakley’s guns for Sunday morning target practice. Holcomb expressed mixed feelings about parting with items, saying that it was a positive experience but “there’s a little bit of melancholy and sadness that goes with it.” The $520,000 should go a long way towards easing that melancholy.

The auction sold of a wide array of Oakley’s items, from her guns (one sold for $71,700, another for $83,650) to photographs and letters. The item that fetched the highest price was her shotgun, which sold at $143,400.

Tom Slater, the Director of Historical Auctions for Heritage, explains why the auction was such a success: “Annie Oakley was arguably America’s first female superstar, touring the U.S. and the world in the late 1800s and early 20th century and demonstrating her legendary Wild West sharpshooting skills.”

What a gal!

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