Daniel Defense Updates their DDM4 Rifles

Daniel Defense has redesigned the quad-rail handguard used on many of their carbines, in particular it’s standard on their popular DDM4 carbines.

This new handguard has been designed to be more compact and lightweight compared to their older model, with a smaller rail radius that makes it easier to hang on to, and it brings the lower rail closer to the barrel. “This one-piece design has a more narrow profile which lends itself to better weapon manipulation,” Jordan Hunter of Daniel Defense said in a recent interview.
DDM4V1 5.56 Carbine
These new rails also feature an improved mounting system, Daniel Defense’s “Bolt-Up” four-screw mount that’s simpler than the previous six-screw mounting system. The new handguard will still be the same length, but will now be 1.9 inches wide, 2.2 inches tall and have an inner diameter of 1.08 inches, for those who plan on replacing the barrel or shortening it and adding a suppressor.
DDM4V5 300 BLK Carbine
Daniel Defense will be rolling out this new rail system on a majority of their railed rifles. There will be two notable exceptions, the DDM4V7, which has a modular handguard with optional rails and the DDMK18, which uses their Rail Interface System II (RIS II) which was developed to meet the needs of the USSOCOM for their SOPMOD Block II M4 upgrade package. 

Along with the new quad rail system comes a pair of other upgrades, an improved front sight block and a new custom in-house flash hider. The rifles getting these new handguards won’t have new prices, although with Daniel Defense, you’re not paying for an entry-level AR, either. DDM4 rifles start around $1,100 and go up from there. 

Sadly, the new handguards won’t be available for individual sale. If you like ’em, you have to buy either a complete rifle or at the very least, a completed upper receiver group.